Drew Leavens, 45th CD Congressional Candidate 2014

dl_flag_s.jpgI entered this race because I believe real Americans are no longer heard by Congress. Representatives are more concerned with who will fund their next election than their responsibility to the people in their district. This fact is easily seen in discussions of climate change, gun policy, minimum wage, Medicare, Women’s rights, student loans and the government shutdown over the ACA. Special interests and runaway campaign spending now dominate our political map. 

Our Representatives should give voice to the people of their district. That is what I intend to do. I want to be your Representative and I take the job title very seriously.  I will represent the wealthy but the homeless and jobless as well. I will represent the Christians but also every other faith. Regardless of color, ethnicity, sexual orientation or social standing, I will hear your concerns and represent every community in Washington. My priority is people, those who work for a living, those who are retired, those raising families, the teenagers and the children. To this task I bring fiscal responsibility, solid problem solving skills and sound judgment. Moreover, I want Orange County to be the best place to live and help America reach its full potential. We have big problems to confront. I welcome the opportunity to be part of the solution. 

For me, this job is not a stepping stone – I’ve already had a full career. I worked ten years with a mental health crisis team, in private practice as a marriage and family therapist and the past 29 years providing high level training and education with the company I founded in 1985 (www.specializedtraining.com). The constant in my working life has been trying to help people find solutions and live better lives. I raised a family and have two wonderful, accomplished children and two adorable grandchildren. I believe the totality of my background is exactly what is needed in Congress at this time. When I entered this race, people said I am now a politician. I prefer to say that I am a middle class professional, an entrepreneur and small businessman, an educator, and a caring family man, who brings a unique set of qualifications in applying for the job of Representative. 

It’s time! To those of you disenfranchised, your vote matters. For the 90% of you who believe Congress is doing a poor job, I'm with you and I know we can do better. We must stop complaining and take action. We can improve Congress – but we can only do so one member at a time. It starts here, right here in Orange County’s 45th District. And it starts now, because 


many of the important issues facing our country can wait no longer. I will be engaged in the community, give this position everything I’ve got and work tirelessly on your behalf. And you can rest assured that I will always and forever, put people before politics. 

Drew E. Leavens  






Congressional District 45 includes the cities of:  IrvineTustinNorth TustinVilla ParkAnaheim HillsLaguna HillsLake ForestRancho Santa Margarita, and Mission Viejo.


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Drew Leavens for Congress
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